This year our row shows many ways we are “On The Go” in Alabama.  

The Historic Huntsville Depot is the oldest surviving railroad depot in Alabama.  Completed in 1860 this Depot served many until its last scheduled passenger train on March 30, 1968. This building now stands as inspiration to a city’s transportation history and growth.  See Wikipedia Huntsville Depot for more information.  

Beside the Depot sits the Merci Train Boxcar. Read the story to see how these boxcars really were ON THE GO! This boxcar resided beside the Depot until 1999 and was a very inspiring piece of International 

history ‐    a unique story not to be missed ‐of the kindness and aid of the US to France which in return inspired …. A wedding dress in a boxcar: Alabama's thank-you gifts from France for post-WWII aid (Odd Travels)

Besides Trains we also have Hot Air Balloons! Have you ever been inspired to “GO” for a ride? This year was the 40th Alabama Jubilee. Held on Memorial Day weekend in Decatur‐ this event is free, fun and inspirational! Talk to pilots. Experience day and night glows. Even help crew a balloon! Go, and be inspired!

What inspires you? These are a few pieces of our Huntsville Past which have led to future dreams and inventions for the future! We hope you enjoy our Row and continue to be ON THE GO! 

Happy Quilting, 

Donna Cagle, Huntsville Sew & Vac and Our Sewing Nook

Thank you Astronaut Davis for inspiring us to be ON THE GO!  

Astronaut Karen Nyberg completed a star‐themed quilt square inside the International Space Station.  You can see a video here.   She challenged other quilters to create their own star‐themed quilt squares to be sewn with hers for the 40th anniversary International Quilt Festival. Thank you Astronaut Nyberg for inspiring us to be a part of a global community space quilt! 

Our 2017 Row shows a Rocket passing the moon and GOing further into Space. Maybe even to Mars as many of our local engineers are currently building the SLS Rocket to GO TO Mars. This rocket honors all quilters ON THE GO with quilt squares on the rockets body: (description of blocks starting at the end of the rocket) 

The Yellow & Blue Block(Star Block) is my “Astronaut”  reminder to join in with others & continue to support/ be a part of our community with projects!  

The Red & White Block (Pinwheel Block) represents our past 40th Anniversary “Ruby Jubilee” International Quilt Festival

The Red,White &Blue Block (Nine Patch Block)represents our Freedom and Patriotism!! 

The Blue & White Block (Hourglass block)represents our future 2019 “Sapphire Jubilee” International Quilt Festival to come!  

Our Rocket nose heads forward On The GO with a Thimble leading the way!  Have fun decorating your thimble in your own way (inspiration from your grandmother’s thimble, an antique thimble or something you may have seen on the go….).   

 In the corner is an Astronaut to honor both Jan and Karen in being our inspiration for quilters ON THE 

GO 2017! This was inspired by Orbital ATK’s building  at Cape Canaveral . 

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